Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Play "From a Table Away" by Sunny Sweeney

Download From a Table Away Here!

Chords and Lyrics
capo 1

verse 1

Am                              G
I bet youd never guess who I saw tonight
Am                                       G
Guess you didnt see me in those low dim lights
Bm                        C
I knew who she was by the ring still on her hand
Am                     G               D
Sure looked like you wanted to be her man  
  Am                                     Em   D
So I guess that means that things are better
Am                     Em D
Must not be so bad at home
  Am                               Em
I thought it looked like you were leavin
But it dont
      Am                            Em     D   
And I heard you tell her you still love her
       Am                     Em  D
So it doesnt matter what you say
I saw it all
From a table away 
Download From a Table Away Here!


Phillip said...

Hey man,

Great website! It really has helped me out. Can you by chance post the tabs for the intro to a table away. thanks man!


Jon said...

You know what I woud love to. As soon as I'll find the time I'll go ahead and do that Lord willing. I'm in Grad School right now so it's kind of tough. If someone else wanted to post the tabs in the commet section or email them to me (cowboy4ev2@gmail.com) (hint hint) I'll incorporate them.

guitar tabs said...

Thanks for the tabs, man. I've been looking for this song and yours is the best I've seen so far.

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