Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Be a Country Star: Updated

If the Statler Brothers were around today their classic song How to Be a Country Star might sing a little differently.

Original Statler Brothers Version

Updated for Today Version

There's questions I’m always hearing every where I go
Like can city slickers make it on the country shows

Well, it takes more than just a twangy voice to hide who you really are
There's a few more things you ought to learn to be a country star

You got to learn to dance like Simpson or dress like the band Perry
Be pretty like Gloriana, or play rock like Jason Aldean
Put a rasp in your voice like Kracker, go to high school like Taylor
Cross over like Kid Rock did and you'll be a country star

Gel your hair like Rascal Flatts does or troy or Kelly or Keith
Have a beard like James Otto or a father like Miley
Be old just like the Eagles and Jewel you just can’t ignore
Make no sense like Sugarland, and you’ll be a Country star.

As for think Mr. Bojangles, and it's not too hard to figure out. 

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