Monday, June 15, 2009

My Father and Me (Father's Day Special)

My Father and Me
Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Harris

Capo 4

Vs. 1
Em7 C9 G D2
He brought me into this world alive,
Em7 C9 G D2
Firstborn of a man and wife, I was tryin’ to be like him,
Em7 C9 G D2 A
From the food I ate, the clothes I wore, the things I did while growing up,
C9 D2
I learned to be tough

G D Bm C D G
Blessing to me, you were the only way, that brought me to this place, of tenderness and grace
(are) (brings) (Shouts of joyful praise)
Hero of heroes, the rock that I could be, a lighthouse on the Sea, my Father and me
(Justified and Free) (Adopted unto Thee)
Vs. 2

Running into that house one day,
My mother and brothers, prayed by the bedside everything would be ok,
I looked at him and cried, the doctor said it’s the last time you may see,
He’s gonna be free


He drew a breath and looked up on me, let out with one last peaceful sigh,
Bb C D
Said “son I’m proud of you,” then he closed his eyes

Verse 3
Nailed to a cross of wood,
Splinter piercing anguish, all he did was cry “It is Finished”
The blood flowed down his crown His Father turned his back away from sin,
But He rose again,


It's a little pitchy...sorry bout' that.

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