Country Guitars

Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar, Midnight Wine Maple Fretboard
The Fender Telecaster is "the" electric guitar of Country music. It was first brought to popularity by Buck Owens and his "Bakersfield Sound." Since the times of buck such country stars as Alan Jackson, George Strait, and even newcomers like Easton Corbin have all opted for an electric Fender Telecaster. If you want to use your electric guitar skills for Country Music, I would highly recommend ordering one. Simply click the icon to right.

Epiphone Dot Studio Archtop Electric Guitar,Worn Vintage Sunburst
The Country Gentleman was used by mainly by Chet Atkins. It has a smooth "Country Blues" type sound. Since the Country Gentleman has become a collectors item and is therefore fairly expensive, I would recommend something like the Epiphone Dot Studio. It's also a semi-hollow guitar with a similar sound, but doesn't hurt in the wallet! If you want to play like Chet Atkins, click the icon to the right. 

Jasmine Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar, NaturalAs for just good ole' regular acoustic folk guitars, I would recommend anything made by Taylor. I've never heard a crisper tune than what a Taylor can put out. They do tend to be a little pricey, the bottom level ones going from $400-$600, so if you're a beginner and not looking to spend that much I'd recommend the Jasmine guitar by Takamine. It may be "cheap," but in all honesty, I've had mine for almost ten years now and it's still holding together and giving off a great sound. Don't let the $70-80 price fool you. It's a great instrument! Click the icon to the right to order yours!
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